Yo, Canada, you’ve been served! (that includes you, Jordan Bastian)

HARLEM — By definition, we always suspected that there was something a little bit strange about Canada. So I was relieved recently when I discovered a piece of long-awaited evidence.

This story in The Toronto Star lays it all out in a headline: “So we drink milk out of bags. Does that make us weird?”

Isn’t that like telling a date, “My safe-deposit box is filled with jars of cat urine. Does that make me weird?”

My point is, do questions like these really need an answer?

Clearly, it’s weird.

Anyhow, since we’re on the topic of weirdo Canadians*, I wanted give a shout out to my pal Jordan Bastian. Aside from being a husband, father and one of those uber-marathoners who makes non-runners feel like a steaming pile of fat, Jordan covers the Blue Jays for mlb.com.

He recently started a personal blog, and explains his motivation here:

A fellow beat writer friend of mind recently started a personal blog and, I’ll admit, his hilarious posts inspired me to finally sit down and create my own. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I plan on using it to keep me occupied while I’m on the road this year. I meet lots of funny and strange people, and I hope to introduce you to all of them.

But first, I gotta go empty my milkbags.

OK, I totally made up that last line. The rest, however, is true.

Of course, like a typical Canadian, Bastian tried to screw me over by not including a link to my blog. But that’s OK. I won’t play your silly North of the Border Games, Bastian. I’m classier than that.

Make sure to read him here: douchebagmarathoner.ca http://jbastian.blogspot.com/

* Bastian is not Canadian. But he loves ’em. And honestly, so do I. Toronto is my favorite road city. No hard feelings, eh?




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9 responses to “Yo, Canada, you’ve been served! (that includes you, Jordan Bastian)

  1. Of course, being the good girl that I am, will not mention the first thought that came to my mind when I read the line about milk bags.

    Canada has been served indeed.

  2. Melanie

    Marc – Just for the record, my milk container growing up wasn’t embossed with what looks like a Disney character. But yes, it was always a struggle to make sure you didn’t undercut or overcut the opening.


    ps – your blog is hilarious. Great stuff.

  3. Nick

    God Bless Canada.

  4. Drama Boy

    Clothes peg?
    Canada Sucks.

  5. gayle

    Let’s just say this seem to be the other thing they allow in Canada. Will BAstian bring the wife to this place for Valentine’s Day


  6. jennifer

    How that is wild. Milk in a bag. You learn something new every day.

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