Mom + dating advice = classic

Fact: Filipinos lead the league in nurses.

HARLEM — First, a few things to understand for context.

1.) After a relationship of more than four years, I am freshly single. For the most part, it stinks. On the surface, being single in New York sounds pretty good. And I suppose it can be. But for me, it hasn’t been good at all. At least not yet.

2.) Lots of Filipino women become nurses. Not sure why. But it is so. Think back to the last time you were in the hospital. Chances that your nurse was a Filipino: 63 percent. You can look it up.

Now, for an actual conversation.

Me: So, I met a girl.

Mom: Puti again?

Me: Yeah, she’s white.

Mom: You should find a nurse.

Me: (face in palm)

Yeah, single life. Fuckin’ awesome.

— 30 —



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12 responses to “Mom + dating advice = classic

  1. Bryan Hoch

    Hey, I read in Time Out New York that Andy Adler is looking for dates.

  2. Jackie

    LOL…My mom always told me I would learn to get over the blood and all it’s gagging attributes once I became a nurse. I don’t think I’ll be like all the other Filipino girls and go down that route. Your mom cracks me up. Your stories remind me of the conversations I have with my mom.

  3. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my grandpa. I had just gotten a girlfriend and he was asking me about her, and then he says: “Nick, never get hung up with a girl. They are just like buses, there will always be another one coming.”

  4. First off, I think it is hilarious that Bryan Hoch is commenting here. And second, I’m going to have to disagree with you. Being single in New York is the best.

    Also, who can argue with a mom who is pushing you to pursue nurses?

  5. Ironically, none of my nurses were Filipino during my 6-day stay in the hospital to have Michael. However, a lab tech was hilariously, stereotypically Filipino — answered her cell phone in front of me and was chiding someone to watch her pinakbet for her.

  6. Cat

    Typical mom!!! We got into a verbal altercation thus morning and she actually apologized. What is this world coming too?!? Lol

  7. jocelyn (the cousin)

    I’m glad I didn’t get on that bandwagon.

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