Hey you! It’s ‘Super Bowl’ not ‘Superbowl’

HARLEM — This is not a new rant, but considering the day, it’s worth a reminder. Super Bowl is two words, not one. In your blogs and tweets, please get it right. Two words. Super Bowl. Drives me nuts.

  • I’ve included an old Raiders video, just as a reminder to all that they weren’t always a joke of a franchise, and used to regularly have a legitimate chance at participating in the Super Bowl. Actually, it hasn’t been that long since they’ve made a Super Bowl. But that game didn’t go so well.And we all know what’s happened since.
  • Speaking of jokes of a franchise, I’m pulling for the Saints. They’ve suffered for most of their history. It’s time to bring one home.
  • For the last time, mom, Joe Montana is not playing this game.

I started this blog a week ago, and already we’re closing in on 3,700 page views. Honestly, that’s a lot more than I could have hoped for or expected. A lot more. I can’t thank you enough for checking in.

Also, special thanks goes out to Alex Belth and Cliff Corcoran, who were kind enough to link to this space on their excellent Yankees blog, www.bronxbanterblog.com. Same goes for Jay Gargiulo, who was nice enough to put the word out on his blog, fackyouk.blogspot.com.

One of the coolest parts of starting this project has been watching the different folks who have congregated here: old friends, new friends, friends I have never met. It’s a neat thing. And I can’t thank you all enough for the kind words.

But the neatest thing by far has been seeing my sister and my friend start their own blogs, partly because they saw what was happening with this one. So check them out:

My sister’s blog is at catiecarig.wordpress.com. As you’ll see quickly, she’s way cooler than I am. Another fact: she is the second member of the family to have their writing published. Among a whole list of artistic endeavors, she’s also a published poet. Like I said, she’s way cooler than I am.

Also check out fellow baseball scribe Jordan Bastian, who can be found at jbastian.blogspot.com. Despite his Canadian leanings, he’s a heck of a guy, and a fine writer.

In eight days, my life as I know it changes dramatically. That’s when I fly down to Florida for Spring Training, thus beginning a ride that, barring some strange development, won’t stop until sometime in October. But I’m committed to keeping up with this blog.

Knowing that you guys have been checking in should provide plenty of motivation.

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl. Not Superbowl. Super Bowl.




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2 responses to “Hey you! It’s ‘Super Bowl’ not ‘Superbowl’

  1. Nick

    Talking about the Raiders, they are one of three teams in contention for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” Series. I think they should be picked because as shown by Jersey Shore, and Tiger Gate, America loves a good train wreck.

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