So I guess I was kinda wrong about the rules of calling shotgun

TAMPA, Fla. — A few of you may remember a blog entry I wrote last week when I got a tad bit perturbed after a misunderstanding about the proper etiquette involved when calling “shotgun.”

In the post, I called a friend a “dirty, rotten, fuckin’ assclown who stole my shotgun seat.” Later, I insulted the state of Missouri, home state of the car’s driver, who ruled against my case for riding shotgun. In my anger, I charged that in the Show-Me State that it’s still “common practice for everyone to pile out of the covered wagon and reshuffle seats every time the horses need a shit break.”

Well, thanks to your swift and overwhelming response telling me that I was dead wrong, I apologized in person to my dear friend. Of course, class guy that he is, he insisted this was not good enough. Nope. Instead of letting bygones be bygones and moving on from this unfortunate incident, he demanded a full newspaper-style retraction.

So here it is:

Though my friend is still dirty, rotten, and a fuckin’ assclown, he is no thief. He called shotgun at the proper time and won the rights to sit there fair and square. I regret the error.

This, however, does not change the fact that he’s a punk-ass.

— 30 —



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3 responses to “So I guess I was kinda wrong about the rules of calling shotgun

  1. DJ

    Make up your mind, Marc. Is he an assclown or a punk-ass? I’m confused … (then again, the confusion might just stem from the fact that I’m already drinking this afternoon) … 😉

  2. Chad Jennings

    Ah, journalism. There’s integrity in this business afterall.

  3. jennifer

    See Marc does have integrity afterall. 🙂 So who is the assclown who “stole” your seat?

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