Heading home

MILWAUKEE — Well, I dodged the hyperactive child and his inattentive mother. As I sit here in seat 21F, waiting to learn my neighbor for this flight home, I know I’ve at least got this going for me.

Still, it feels like the most pressing matter in the world. Who is sitting in 21E?

I could really go for a nap. So my money’s on a chatty, 450 pound, three-pack-a-day smoker, a single father perhaps, taking his cranky, drooly, infant son on his first ever plane ride.

I can hardly handle the suspense.

Update: I  just drew an old businessman traveler. Has yet to say a word. Dude better keep it that way…

Update II: Yep, I’m blogging again. My old friend Clarrisa made me do it. Plus, I missed the silliness.


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2 responses to “Heading home

  1. And do you know how happy I was to see this updated via FB? Words can’t express my emotions right now.

    But I’m about to embark on a random excursion on the T with my all day pass. I will blog about it in return.

  2. I’m with Clarissa. Keep blogging!

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