A day in the life of a baseball writer (as told through hella Tweets)

Turns out I wasn't the only writer to rent from Avis. It was just one stop of many on this day.

NEW YORK — Looking back on it now, I’m still unsure as to why exactly I did it. But as I chronicled my day — Oct. 21, 2010 — it occurred to me that maybe all these Tweets together might help answer a question that I get a lot: What’s it like to chase a baseball team all over the country?

Well, here’s one version. In this case, the Yankees had just won Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, meaning that they had forced a Game 6 two days later in Arlington, Texas. As the Yankees were recording the final outs, I was in the press box scrambling to put the finishing touches on my travel arrangements.

Less than eight hours later, I was in the back seat of a cab headed to the airport.

The following is an accounting of the day, in dispatches that never exceeded 140 characters. I went back a few days later and copied the Tweets — unedited as you will see — into this blog. This way, I figured it would be easier to share:

* * *

4:23 AM: Off to Laguardia for a 6 am to Dallas. Thinking of what to write for Friday’s paper. Open to suggestions.

4:35 AM: Receive text from fellow ball writer covering Phillies-Giants. Informs me it is 1:33 in the Bay Area. He’s drunk.

5:03 AM: Here at Gate 18, where I have bumped into a couple scribes, including The Immortal @IanMBrowne and The Immortal @Britt_Ghiroli

5:05 AM: Sitting here reading and sure enough, The Immortal @BryanHoch comes walking up. He calls me “blue.”

5:18 AM: I collect old caps. I like to wear them on the road. Today’s is an ’80s NL Umpire Cap. Already, I’ve been asked where I got it.

5:29 AM: One writer just flipped off another writer as boarding time was announced… for his direct flight. Lucky fella.

5:33 AM: Announcement about my flight. “We are looking into maintenance issues on your plan.” Meanwhile, another scribe shows up.

5:38 AM: Reading the morning papers. First stop as always: George King’s notebook.

5:41 AM: Boarding time. Tweet at you from the layover in DC.

5:49 AM: Good news, compliments 2 and 3 on my NL ump cap. Bad news, we’re told we’re changing airplanes after boarding.

My 1980s style National League umpires cap.

5:58 AM: RT @IanMBrowne: @Ledger_Yankees You can’t predict air travel. // word

6:01 AM: Reboarding complete. Time to text the girlfriend. She asks that I do whenever I fly. I couldn’t ask for a more understanding person.

7:44 AM: RT @eboland11: @Ledger_Yankees nothing beats a direct flight AND an exit row. And a beverage cart with Jack Daniels / word

7:46 AM: Stage 1 completed. Landed in DC. Used to live here, used to work here. Great town.

7:57 AM: Picked up a Washington Post, where I got my star as a ball writer covering the O’s. Did some Nats too. Saw hella losses.

8:08 AM: The Immortal @pcaldera just asked if I was the guy who blew the call in right field the other day. Well played, but wrong league.

8:19 AM: Potential crying baby alert two rows back. This could be disaster as this flight is my best chance at sleep today.

11:55 AM: Plane just landed here in Dallas. The crying baby, by the grace of God, hardly cried. Got some sleep. Chance for a good day.

11:56 AM: @pcaldera Wait, don’t all you guys fly on the team charter?

11:59 AM: Random thought as we de-plane — Craig Sager’s jackets vs. Jack McKeon’s sweater. Who wins?

12:11 PM: Claim bag, pick up rental, check into hotel, drive to ballpark, watch workout, work clubhouse, write. Somewhere in there, eat.

12:23 PM: The baggage claim isn’t even moving yet, always a good sign. In related news, US Airways is the Pittsburgh Pirates of aviation.

12:29 PM: Bumped into @LoHudYankees who came via Charlotte. Despite his awful shoes, he’s one of the hardest working scribes I’ve known.

Would you wear these? Didn't think so.

1:56 PM: Yanks send RHP Andrew Shive and 2B Matt Cusick to Indians, the players to be named later in Kerry Wood trade.

1:57 PM: Spotted a Jack in the Box. Easiest decision of the day.

2:16 PM: Off to work, and by work I mean the ballpark, which never gets old. Tiring sometimes, but still cool every time.

2:48 PM: One scribe here likens the press box at Rangers Ballpark to a greenhouse. Pretty dead on.

3:31 PM: Yankees on the field, Girardi and Eppler watching from behind the backstop, Jeff Nelson watching alone in rf stands.

3:36 PM: Cashman watching from up behind backstop, on the phone. He’s probably not ordering a pizza.

4:11 PM: Teixeira says the warning track at Yankee Stadium is dangerous and should be replaced.

4:12 PM: Also revealed he was playing with a swollen right knee.

4:15 PM: Tex says tbe warning track is too hard; thought of it when Berkman hit the deck.

4:31 PM: Teixeira thinks compensating for toe injury led to other issues, including hamstring.

4:35 PM: Girardi says he Mo could be available for multiple innings, back to back if needed. And the Yankees have added another lefty to the bullpen.

4:36 PM: The second lefty? CC Sabathia. #AllHandsOnDeck

4:46 PM: Writing time.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Yankees were just starting their on-field workout when I arrived.

5:00 PM: Some quick hitters from the Yankees’ recently concluded workout from the Republic of Texas.

5:02 PM: Forgot the link. Here we go: http://bit.ly/aWfiYT

5:06 PM: RT @Ledger_NYMets: I literally feel bad for A-Rod misusing the word “literally.”

5:21 PM: Our pal @eboland11 just asked for somebody to hand him a bag. I think he means to wrap a plastic one around his head. Thoughts?

6:27 PM: Shoot nj.com video with The Immortal @Ledger_NYMets while getting mocked in press box by @BloggingBombers

7:10 PM One down, two to go.

7:26 PM: Two down. One to go.

8:10 PM: Three for three. Time to pack up and get out of here.

8:13 PM: Realize that the only NY writer remaining in here is @pcaldera . Good lord, where did the day go?

8:22 PM: Empty ballpark, tired. I bet cultural anthropologists don’t keep these hours!

8:55 PM: Just met our pal @NJ_StevePoliti at the hotel bar. Game’s on. Good times.

9:23 PM: Never had a martini til now. Overrated.

10:20 PM: Now switching to Scotch. BTW I liked that version of GBA. But I’m from the Bay and I’m biased.

11:19 PM: I love scotch, scotchy, scotch, scotch.

10:42 PM: Sipped my scotch and told @BryanHoch to shut his face.

10:48 PM: texted fellow scribe at Phillies-Giants. Same dude who texted me drunk when I got in cab today. “I’m drunk. Enjoy deadline b*tch.”

12:25 AM: wish i could drive. i’d go to jack in the box.

1:41AM: well, they’ve shut off the lights in the bar. Unreal.

2:04 AM: I think that’s ballgame. Time for my first bed sleep in… 40 hours? Sounds right.

— 30 —



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9 responses to “A day in the life of a baseball writer (as told through hella Tweets)

  1. Loved this when you did it and loved to read it again. You have the best job in the world.

    Looking forward to reading the blog over the winter!

  2. Well done, sir. Your twitter followers salute you.

  3. I remember reading these tweets that day…and laughing…while being very envious. This was great and the season wouldn’t be the same without following you.

  4. Bryan Hoch

    Still don’t know why you told me to shut my face.

  5. Chad Jennings

    I still say those shoes are perfectly acceptable.

  6. Liked getting the full tweet account of the day. I’m never on the twit for long enough to get a full progression like that.
    But what I really like when you’re northern Cali roots came out at 7:57 am

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