Well-deserved praise for a couple of pals

Bryan Hoch

NEW YORK — Ever since he walked about a dozen or so members of the Boston media during our annual baseball game earlier his season, our pal Bryan Hoch has caught a bunch of flak from his colleagues in the press box.

And for good reason: That morning, he couldn’t find the strike zone with a GPS.

But it’s safe to say that Hoch is off the hook — at least he should be — after he completed the New York Marathon on Sunday. It’s an amazing accomplishment considering the schedule he keeps. Not only does he travel in his work to cover the Yankees, he probably writes more words about the team during the season than anybody on the beat.

From Hoch:

This was my first marathon, so all I really wanted to do was finish. I’d never run more than 13.1 miles before this, and training while chasing the Yankees all around the country is no easy task. There were a lot of days where I wanted nothing to do with it – I can remember one morning in Boston where the Yankees were playing a day game and I hadn’t crawled into bed until 2:30 a.m. after a rainout, but there I was, chugging out 10 miles along the Charles River.

Anyway, check out the rest of his account over on his blog. I’m not sure it inspires me to attempt a marathon — though I once drove 26.2 miles — but maybe it inspires you.

On a practical note, perhaps now hat he has accomplished this great feat, maybe all that training means Hoch throws more strikes in next year’s media game.


Patrick's excellent blog.

Meanwhile, an old pal is looking for some help in helping to continue a cool project he took on awhile back. During my days of covering sports at the University of Maryland for the Washington Post, I met Patrick Stevens, who I came to regard not only as a great competitor but as a friend.

Patrick worked for the Washington Times until the paper met its demise, just another victim of changing newspaper landscape. Since then, Patrick has continued on with his work over at his own blog — d1scourse.typepad.com.

If you’re interested in the ACC in particular, Patrick is a must-read. He wants to continue on with his work, which means he needs the funds to travel, which will allow him to keep kicking out his top-notch coverage. Recently, he asked his readers for an assist:

I’m convinced, now more than ever, there is demand for thorough and insightful coverage on both a quantitative and qualitative level of college sports on a local and regional level.

If you’re big into college sports, check out his blog. And if you like what you see, help him out.

I just put a drop in the bucket in the faint hope that he boosts his Nevada coverage…

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