Are you ready for some ne-VA-duh (not neh-VAH-duh) football?

NEW YORK — At 10:15 p.m. tonight, the eyes of the college football world will be turned toward Reno, where No. 19 Nevada hosts No. 3 Boise State. Much to the chagrin of this snotty jerk, two small schools will be squaring off in a game with national title implications.

As a fan of college football, I’d love to see Boise State win a national title. But as a Nevada grad, I’d love it more if my school took the field tonight and ruined their dreams on national television.

My Friday night will be spent with a few alums at Reade Street Pub & Restaurant a Manhattan Bar to be Named Later, where I will either be a.) Rejoicing in the afterglow of the biggest win in school history, or b.) Pounding a shot for every consecutive loss Nevada has taken to Boise State. For those scoring at home, if the Wolf Pack loses tonight, that would be 11.

Anyway, the bandwagon is open, if you care to join. But first some important rules to know:

1.) Say it right (I’m looking at you, East Coasters). It’s pronounced ne-VA-duh . Not neh-VAH-duh. For guidance, see the above video. Now, you too can point and laugh when national broadcasters mess it up on the air, as ESPN has already done several times leading up to the game.

2.) Spell it right (I’m looking you, people who confuse Nevada with N.C. State). It’s Wolf Pack, two words, not one. Just like Super Bowl, not Superbowl, which also makes me crazy.

Anyway, a good friend of mine, and another Nevada alum, succinctly captured my thoughts as we count down to kickoff:

Dear Boise State,
I’m not one to call opponents names before a big game (UNLV doesn’t count, not a “university”), but I hope to baby Jesus, Buddha and John Mackay’s ghost that we send your cocky blue and orange asses back to Idaho with a big fat L on Friday. Go Pack!

Well said, sir.

— 30 —


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One response to “Are you ready for some ne-VA-duh (not neh-VAH-duh) football?

  1. Brian Duggan

    I haven’t checked your blog in a couple months, so glad I could help. Probably will go down as the most memorable game in Wolf Pack history. Hope everything is going well back east.

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