Your annual public service announcement about the Super Bowl, not Superbowl

NEW YORK — Some of you freak out when your kids color outside the lines. Some of you seethe when things aren’t organized in alphabetical order. Some of you throw fits when writer’s misuse apostrophe’s.*

None of those offenses, however, ticks me off more than when people butcher the term Super Bowl.

Notice that it is two words — Super Bowl — not one.

This stupid mistake is nothing new. I’ve seen it on old TV commercials and newspaper ads. Because it was limited to these places, seeing Superbowl back then was a bit more tolerable.

But with social media, I see the mistake all the time, and by hour five of the pregame show I’m in a foul mood. I see tweets about who people hope win the Superbowl. Or Facebook status updates with Superbowl predictions. Or check-ins from Superbowl parties.

This phenomenon is even more perplexing when you consider that this mistake seems to be unique to the game. Can you remember seeing Rosebowl, toiletbowl, saladbowl, breadbowl, candybowl, spaghettibowl, Kraftfighthungerbowl, smokeabowl? Probably not. But you have seen — or even worse, written — Superbowl.

I ranted about it last year but it is worth repeating: It’s Super Bowl, not Superbowl. Please take the time to get it right.

And, of course, please enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday.

* See what I did there? Those were for you, Kelly H.

— 30 —



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2 responses to “Your annual public service announcement about the Super Bowl, not Superbowl

  1. Bobby Saccmore

    chicken salad out of chicken shit. Im waiting for the Caltrans rant now.

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