Update: Bad things happen when you show up to Yankees camp wearing hideous shorts

I didn't think they were that bad... though some colleagues helped change my mind.

UPDATE, 3:21 p.m.: Joe Girardi talked about Joba Chamberlain’s weight, Andruw Jones’ role and Jesus Montero’s development. But before he began his media briefing here today, he tackled a much more colorful and far less important subject. And now, I give you the manager of the Yankees:

“I’m just laughing a little inside, that’s all. I’m trying not to. Shorts. Shorts are… something I didn’t quite expect. I just didn’t. Maybe from one of our younger players or something. Or my son. I didn’t quite expect it. And he’s sitting right in front of me. He could sit over there where I couldn’t see his shorts? I thought when we got to a certain age we didn’t dress loud. Or surferish. Now I wonder what he does when he goes home at night.”

Now, if you’d excuse me, I’ll be over at Publix. I’ll be the guy cruising the aisles for a pail and lighter fluid.

TAMPA, Fla. — Well, that was a painful wardrobe malfunction

Here’s a sampling of the abuse from Yankees camp this morning after I made the mistake of wearing this hideous piece of clothing. This was just in the space of an hour. Actually, I didn’t think the shorts were that bad. Most disagreed.

“I actually have a pair just like them,” one critic admitted later. “But I don’t think I’d wear ’em though.”

Brutal as they are, rocking these shorts is still a better alternative than showing up in a Speedo.

If you have a minute to kill at work, see if you can match the comment below to the smart-alec who made them. Answers listed at the bottom of the post:

a.) “Feinsand, remember when you wondered what ever happened to your grandmother’s couch? Looks like Carig turned them into shorts.”

b.) “Hey, nice shorts! You golfing? No, seriously, I like them…”

c.) “Couldn’t bother to change when you got out of bed this morning?”

d.) “Very patriotic.”

e.) “Like you said, those are one and done, right?”

f.) “You should have wallpaper made out of those shorts. Same pattern.”

g.) “Did you really get up in the morning and think nobody was going to say anything?”

h.) “Those are the worst shorts I’ve ever seen. You wear shorts like that, they should give you a free bowl of soup… Looks good on you, though.”

i.) “That’s California.”


a.) Sweeny Murti, Yankees beat reporter, WFAN Radio, to Daily News beat writer Mark Feinsand; b.) Joba Chamberlain, Yankees relief pitcher; c.) George King, Yankees beat writer, New York Post; d.) Jason Latimer, Yankees media relations; e.) Tony Pena, Yankees bench coach; f.) Pete Caldera, Yankees beat writer, Bergen record; g.) Mark Kafalis, Yankees security; h.) Bryan Hoch, Yankees beat writer, mlb.com, in a dead-on rendition of Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddyshack; i.) Mick Kelleher, Yankees first base coach.

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14 responses to “Update: Bad things happen when you show up to Yankees camp wearing hideous shorts

  1. I can only imagine the shirt that went with those “shorts.”

  2. dp57

    Marc, Marc, Marc. Those are worse than Grandy’s backpack shirt and Derek’s cargo pants. Even Girardi in street clothes looks better. Please, step away from the cashier. You need to let me stylize you.

  3. Jocelyn T

    Very Fobby Marc

  4. Marc….there’s a mall right around the corner…go to Nordstrom…ask for help. They have personal shoppers! After that drive down to Sun City Center…I’m sure some retiree will LOVE those shorts. 🙂

  5. Dan

    I, for one, approve of your sartorial choice. There’s a good reason that madras plaid is referred to as the “GTH” fabric (as in Go To Hell.) Wear ’em with your head held high!

  6. You totally should have taken a picture of the entire ensemble.

  7. I have a pair just like them and trust me, I’ve worn much worse to the ballpark. That said, I photograph Triple-A baseball. And you cover the Yanks.

    • Amy Beck

      Seriously, you can’t beat some of the shorts Calvert wears. In fact, I think you used to wear worse shorts back in the Sagebrush days.

  8. Brick Tamland

    Where’d you get those clothes from? The toilet store?

  9. dp57

    To be mocked by Joe Girardi, that fashion icon he is, who owns 1 shirt in 9 different horrendous colors, is really the underbelly. I need to take you shopping. We can bring Joe with us, and I will stylize him also. And we will buy Jeter a decent pair of jeans while we are out too.

  10. jennifer

    I volunteer to help as well. For a small fee and a flight to Florida I will take you shopping. 🙂

  11. Ben S

    If it makes you feel any better I have basically the same pair and wear them all the time.

  12. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “That’s California.” Marc you are awesome.

  13. And now, I give you the manager of the Yankees: “I’m just laughing a … bbackpacky.wordpress.com

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