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One last note before I go across town

HARLEM — Just a quick note before I begin my stint across town…

Thanks to the players, coaches, front office staff, and media relations folks for their time and patience.  Thanks to my editors and reporting colleagues at the Star-Ledger for giving me a shot and for pushing me every day with their fine work.

Thanks to my colleagues on the beat. Many days, I secretly wished that they were less skilled at their jobs. It certainly would have helped me sleep easier at night. Instead, each one provided easy motivation to make the extra phone call, to think through a story one more time, to double-check every fact.

We wind up spending countless hours in the press box, or on airplanes, or in Marriotts. Ultimately, we spend more time with our fellow writers than with anybody else. On the Yankees beat, I caught the luckiest of breaks.

More than once, I recall being in a visiting press box, cracking jokes at one another’s expense. Sometimes, we’d get so carried away that the home writers would roll their eyes. They didn’t appreciate all the racket as they were trying to work, though few of us could stop laughing long enough to take notice.

I can’t thank each one of them enough for making all those hours fly by.

Finally, thanks to the readers, to whom I owe everything. In the last few days, I’ve been humbled by your well wishes and kind words. You have made doing this job more fulfilling than I would have ever thought possible.

Journalism has changed so much over a relatively short period of time. But one of the changes I truly appreciate is the ability to connect with so many of you. Newspaper reporters used to be nothing more than a byline on newsprint — we write, you read. It was a one-way street.

Social media has transformed that relationship into a two-way interaction. For this, I am grateful.

One of the most rewarding parts of being a reporter in this age is hearing from you — your praise, your criticism, your questions, your thoughts. In ways big and small, they influenced my writing and reporting, ultimately for the better. These interactions made covering the games themselves more fun than I could ever imagine.

Many of you were kind enough to thank me for enhancing your enjoyment of following the Yankees, for providing information that added to your knowledge of the team, for sharing insights on the many games that we watched together over the last four years. But really, you are far more deserving of my gratitude than I am of yours.

Whether it was through your morning paper, your laptop, your smart phone, or your Twitter feed, thanks for letting me into your workplace, your living room, your sports bar, or your section at the Stadium. Thanks for allowing me to become even a small part of your experience.

Most of all, thanks for reading.

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