Franco Harris, Founding Father (?!?!)


PITTSBURGH — Stupid things already encountered at the airport this morning:

1. Franco Harris, George Washington, you know, just a couple of American heroes standing on equal ground. Also, lack of perspective is fun!

2. A flight is either full or it isn’t full. I want to say this to the gate agent who keeps announcing that this flight is completely full. There is no need to modify “full,” in the same way that there’s no need to modify “crash” or “burn,” since you’re either crashing and burning, or you’re not. One does not crash and burn partially.

3. I’d also like to tell the folks in boarding group 39 to have a seat so the folks in the first 38 boarding groups may board the plane without feeling like they’re making their way to the bar on a Saturday night.

Anyway, on to Atlanta!

— 30 —


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  1. megan

    cranky, aren’t we?

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