Good call, preppy

tigersATLANTA — Getting room service is one of my favorite perks of the road. It’s a perfect fallback for those days when you just want to stay in and get some work done.

But the only drawback is that moment when the food arrives and you’ve got to let a stranger into you room. I always thought that was somewhat uncomfortable and it seems like I’m not the only one.
It used to be that you’d answer the door and the server would just walk through the door and drop the tray off. But in recent years, I notice that they’re now trained to ask for permission to come in. At least, that’s how it works at Marriotts.

It’s pretty common for there to be some small talk while you’re signing the bill. It’s usually standard stuff: weather (have you been able to enjoy it?), the city (have you ever been here before?, what happens to be on TV (so, you’re a baseball fan?)

But sometimes, that small talk can be plain awkward, like this morning when the server noticed my T-shirt.

Server: “Bayside, is that in California or something?

Me: “Actually, it’s from an old TV show.”

(long pause, eyes frantically scan the room)

Server: “So, you’re golfing?”

And that’s how I met the only person on Earth who hasn’t seen an episode of Saved by the Bell. Also, bonus points for the abrupt subject change.

— 30 —


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  1. wait, but i grew up watching saved by the bell & i don’t remember their mascot… wtf. i am not only old but now senile??!

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